70 German Police Officers Injured After Demonstration Against Mine

Greta Thunberg Leads Protest Against Open Cast Coal Mine, 70 Police Officers Injured

Thousands gathered in Lützerath, Germany, on Saturday to protest the expansion of an open-cast coal mine, joined by the young Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg. Clashes between police and protesters ensued as hundreds of activists tried to enter forbidden areas of the mine, leading to dozens of injuries among the demonstrators.

At least 70 police officers were reportedly injured, with 20 activists transported to hospital due to dog bites and water cannon fire. The collective Lützerath lebt! [¡Lützerath vive!] estimated the attendance of the march at 35,000 people, with the police estimating 15,000.

The mine is operated by energy company RWE and the German Executive believes that extending the mine is necessary to guarantee the energy security of Germany following the interruption of Russian gas supply. Participants of the march, however, argue that the current lignite reserves are sufficient.

Greta Thunberg’s presence at the march highlights the environmental impact of Germany’s current energy supply, serving as a call to action to the government to reconsider their current energy policy.

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