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7 On Your Side: How We Helped a Cleaning Woman Recover Thousands in Unpaid Wages

7 On Your Side: How We Helped a Cleaning Woman Recover Thousands in Unpaid Wages

Small Business Owner Gets Help from 7 On Your Side

Thelma Cadet is the founder of a start-up called Immaculate Cleaning, which she built up from a single customer. As a small business owner, Cadet has faced a number of challenges, but nothing compared to what she experienced when one of her biggest clients refused to pay her invoices for months, leaving her out of pocket by almost $6,000.

A Long Wait for Payment

Cadet was hired last May to clean the premises of Sound Vision Care, a chain of optometry stores based in Manhattan, but she quickly became frustrated when the owner failed to pay her invoices on time. After two and a half months of waiting for payment, Cadet contacted the office to complain about the issue, only to be met with a rude and dismissive response.

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Calling in 7 On Your Side

Determined not to let the matter rest, Cadet decided to call in the help of 7 On Your Side, a consumer advocacy program run by WABC. The team took up the cause and contacted the owner, who blamed the delays on a temporary cash-flow problem. With 7 On Your Side’s support, he eventually agreed to set up a payment plan, allowing Cadet to receive the money she was owed in full.

A Grateful Small Business Owner

Speaking afterward, Cadet expressed her relief and gratitude to the 7 On Your Side team. “I would say if you got a problem, call Nina,” she said. “She’s got your back.” Cadet’s experience is a reminder of the challenges that small business owners face in getting paid on time, but also of the importance of advocacy and support networks for entrepreneurs.

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