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Monster catching games have been capturing the attention of gamers for generations, with Pokémon being the most prominent and beloved series within the genre. Due to its popularity, it is not surprising that games of a similar nature have appeared. But that doesn’t mean that all of these titles are the same, despite sharing a similar foundation, or even taking into account several games that came before the hugely popular Game Freak franchise.

In any case, there is a wide world of monster catching games for all Pokémon fans. Below is a list of games that fall into the broad monster-catching genre, or that delve into this mechanic in some meaningful way.

Cassette Beasts is visually similar to some of the best games in the Pokémon series, but with a greater focus on interacting with the world and a big focus on capturing monsters and the game’s fusion mechanics. The game stars a character making his way across the island of New Wirral while looking for a way to get back home. What Cassette Beasts brings to the table is a mix of Pokémon-style monster-catching mechanics, a character-driven story, and a unique fusion mechanic that will keep you guessing.

Monster Sanctuary is a mix of the monster capturing genre and the typical metroidvania. Players capture monsters to engage in 3v3 battles, as well as explore beautiful 2D pixelated environments. The game goes beyond using monsters as a means to defeat our rivals. What really stands out about Monster Sanctuary are its movement mechanics and its success in 2D platforming mechanics.

Digimon World: Next Order brings together all the fun of the first Digimon World game for PlayStation and makes it more accessible. The Digimon World franchise has functioned more or less as “open world” exploration games in which players can raise a Digimon from birth to death, and in which the treatment they receive influences their evolutions, as they live unique stories set in the Digimon universe.

Monster Rancher is one of the many monster-catching games that were released in the 1990s alongside the Pokémon franchise. Players will raise monsters and train them through a series of mini-games to compete in tournaments that will allow them to rise in rank. What makes Monster Rancher so fun is the heavy emphasis it places on bonding and training your monster beyond the classic battles.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince involves capturing monsters to use in turn-based battles against your enemies. The Dark Prince is the latest installment in the series and, although it launched with some major technical issues that have since been fixed on some platforms, it maintains the tradition. However, capturing monsters is a little more difficult than in Pokémon and success rates are decided by a few variables that players can reverse in their favor, making it a little deeper than Game Freak games.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin offers a balanced experience in terms of narrative and gameplay, and will take up a good amount of your time if you decide to collect all the monsters in the game. Instead of killing monsters for resources, players collect monsters by obtaining their eggs. Combat is relegated to strategic turn-based battles that take into account the monster types on your team.

Palworld includes a monster capture mechanic that is more or less similar to that of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. In Palworld you can capture and use Pals in interesting ways, whether it’s to automate construction, provide resources for your base, and even get around. Although a plethora of monster-catching games still exist, as the genre has expanded greatly since the release and subsequent popularity of Pokémon in the 1990s, those included on this list build on the foundation laid by the classic game. Whether it’s an absorbing story, a more developed combat system, or even the way you collect monsters, these games are worth checking out.

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