67 People Hospitalized in Peru During Protests Against President

On Sunday (01.08.2023), the Peruvian Ministry of Health reported 67 hospitalizations due to demonstrations demanding the President Dina Boluarte to stepdown. Most of the hospitalizations were reported in the Andean city of Puno with 62 patients received medical attention. The demonstrations began on December 7th after Vice President Boluarte assumed power to replace the left-wing ruler Pedro Castillo, who was ousted from the government after attempting a self-coup. Over the four days of protests and roadblocks, clashes between protesters and the security forces occurred in the cities of Puno, Cusco, Arequipa, Madre de Dios, Apurímac and Ucayali. On Saturday, attempts had been made to seize control of the Juliaca airport, resulting in 16 injured, including four policemen. Despite opposing ideologies, President Boluarte was defended by right-wing groups who previously condemned her candidacy. Across the country, protesters are calling for Boluarte to resign and for the restoration of the previous government.

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