6 Dutch Climate Activists Arrested for Highway Blockade Call

6 Dutch Climate Activists Arrested for Highway Blockade Call

Dutch Climate Activists Arrested For Alleged Disruptive Protests

The Dutch Prosecutor’s Office has revealed that 3 men and 3 women have been arrested on suspicion of calling a dangerous and disruptive blockade of a highway in The Hague on Thursday.

The Prosecutor’s Office reportedly claimed the activists had earlier caused dangerous traffic situations in the twin city on November 26, 2022 after blocking an access road. It also reminded that demonstrating is a fundamental right but legalsedition is not permissible.

Reacting to the arrests, environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion has condemned the “criminalization of non-violent climate activists”. They claimed the arrested activists were part of efforts to peacefully protest the motorway A12 on January 28.

The group’s legal team has also stressed that the aim was not to commit criminal acts but only to call for peaceful protests. This, they believe, can explain why the prosecution continues to arrest activists.

The police and the prosecutor’s office have maintained that the safety of citizens and protests was the priority and that the law cannot be broken in any circumstance.

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