55% of Nicaraguans Disapprove of President Ortega’s Management

Nicaraguans largely disapprove of President Daniel Ortega’s Management: Poll

According to an opinion survey conducted by Costa Rican firm CID Gallup, 55% of Nicaraguans disapprove of the management of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, while only 35% provides favorable opinion.

The survey was carried out between January 3 and 16, with a sample of 1,204 people over 16 years of age, with an active mobile phone, distributed throughout Nicaragua. It revealed that 30% of the population described his management as “very bad” and 25% as “bad”, whereas 21% classified the work of the Sandinista leader as “good”.

The polling firm further suggested that as of 2018, when a sociopolitical crisis broke out in Nicaragua, Ortega’s approval ratings have been on a decline and that the measures taken against some political and student leaders may be one of the reasons for this decrease.

Additionally, the survey reveals that 62% of Nicaraguans consider it “little” or “not at all” likely that the government of President Ortega will is likely to resolve the concern which the nation is facing over high cost of living and unemployment.

Moreover, 56% of Nicaraguans also believe that President Ortega “never” or “almost never” does what is best for them, while 38% trust him. The survey has a margin of error of 2.8% and a confidence level of 95%.

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