52% of Spaniards experienced mobile phone scams in the past year


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A recent study in Spain found that over half of the population has experienced some form of deception, scam, or attempted fraud in the past year through their electronic devices. The most common method of fraud was receiving a link in an SMS, followed by email and WhatsApp messages. Other methods included fake phone calls from operators, links to websites, online purchases, mobile applications, and second-hand purchases through online platforms.

The study also found that a significant portion of the population is concerned about this issue, with over 80% of respondents reporting that they are either quite concerned or very concerned about fraud. When asked who should be responsible for addressing this issue, the majority of respondents believed that the government and public authorities should take action, while others pointed to state security forces, internet service providers, and banking entities.

This study sheds light on the prevalence of fraud in Spain and the level of concern it generates among the population. It also highlights the need for action from various stakeholders to address this issue and protect consumers from falling victim to fraudulent activities.

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