50 Dogs Take On Bosses of Elden Ring

**Surprising GeoGuesser Version Created For Elden Ring Fans**
An Elden Ring fan has created an intriguing version of GeoGuesser called ‘Elden Ring GeoGuesser’ to challenge players of the popular From Software game. It is an online game that sends you to an in-game location, which players must recognize in order to win the game. It gives fans the chance to show off their knowledge of the Middle Lands and test how familiar they are with the game’s locations.

A YouTuber Bjorn the Bear has shared an interesting video of a user getting 50 dogs, one of the enemies in Elden Ring, to fight against the game’s final bosses. This tactic served to demonstrate various details of each final boss like resistance, distance covered by its blows and its power. The outcomes of the battles between the dogs and final bosses reflected what a regular player would expect in such situation. For instance, Rykard was able to kill the dogs in mere seconds, whereas the dogs wiped off Godrick the Grafted with little effort.

This interesting version of GeoGuesser has unveiled fans’ inner love for Elden Ring and given them a chance to show off their knowledge of the game’s locations. Players’ enthusiasm has further encouraged them to create clever new ideas and creations with the game.

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