5 People Arrested for Bartering Drugs and Weapons at Funeral in Puerto Rico

Two Arrested for Carrying Drugs, Weapons at Funeral in Puerto Rico

Local authorities in Puerto Rico reported Saturday that two individuals have been arrested for carrying drugs and weapons at a funeral on Friday afternoon.
The arrests were made in Guaynabo by agents of Bayamon Intelligence and Special Arrests Division attached to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau on suspicion of violation of the Weapons and Controlled Substances Law.

Officers noticed two individuals conducting suspicious activity while transferring packages between two vehicles. Upon inspection, the police seized two firearms, controlled substances, and more than $500 in cash. The three women and the two men are now being held in custody and awaiting the possible filing of charges.

The Police also reported the arrests to federal authorities on the island as one of the seized weapons had been modified to fire automatically which is a violation of federal laws.

This incident comes as a reminder to Puerto Rico citizens of the importance of respecting and following their authorities’ regulations.

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