5 Fascinating Facts about Sid Vicious 45 Years Later


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Sid Vicious had a life that was intense and full of controversy. He was born on May 10, 1957 in London and joined the Sex Pistols in 1977, replacing Glen Matlock. His irreverent style and attitude contributed to punk’s cultural impact on the British music scene, despite not being an experienced bassist.

Both his life and career were marred by personal problems, addictions, and his relationship with Nancy Spungen, who was found dead on October 12, 1978 in the room they shared at the Chelsea Hotel in New York. Sid was arrested and charged with Spungen’s murder, but died of a heroin overdose before being brought to trial. Despite his short career, he became a punk rock icon, remembered both for his participation in the Pistols and for the tragic circumstances that surrounded his life and death.

Here are five interesting facts about Sid Vicious:

1. His nickname “Sid Vicious” was created by his bandmate Johnny Rotten from a hamster. Sid was the name of his pet, which one day bit Rotten and he responded by saying: “Sid is really vicious!”

2. Before joining the Sex Pistols as a bassist, Vicious was the drummer for Siouxsie and the Banshees, with whom he only played in their debut show. He was also the vocalist of The Flowers of Romance, one of the pioneering bands of the first wave of punk with which he never performed live.

3. Vicious was imprisoned for a while following an incident in a London bar. During a concert by The Damned, the bassist tried to throw a glass at a member of the band but he hit a girl in the audience, who was blinded by the impact of the broken glass.

4. Vicious’s mother, Anne Beverley, admitted that she administered heroin to the musician, and she was possibly responsible for his death from an overdose. Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, revealed that Anne Beverley was not only a drug addict but was also a drug dealer for some time, and they both shared the same hotel room.

5. One of the darkest moments in Sid Vicious’s life was the death of Nancy. In the midst of all this tension, a colleague who came out to support him was Mick Jagger, who provided him with legal help to face the trial.

Sid Vicious’s life was marked by tragedy and controversy, but his impact on the punk rock scene is undeniable. His legacy lives on through his music and the stories that continue to be told about him.

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