$43 Million Jackpot Winner Sues Casino for Refusing to Pay Out – Shocking Evidence Ignored!


A Woman’s Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

Playing slots at the Resort World Casino in Queens, Katrina Bookman believed she had hit the jackpot when she saw a winning ticket for $42.9 million. However, her excitement was short-lived when she was offered $2.25 and a steak dinner in lieu of the full prize money. The 44-year-old from New York filed a lawsuit against the casino alleging common law negligence, breach of contract, and negligent misrepresentation. Bookman’s lawsuit sought damages against the casino and two gaming machine companies for failing to keep the machine in running order.

A Winning Message and a Selfie

Bookman snapped a selfie with the screen which read: “Printing cash ticket $42,949,672.76.” Her lawyer, Alan Ripka, argued that his client was entitled to the full payout displayed on the machine, as it allegedly told her she won. The casino claimed that the machine had malfunctioned, rendering the win void. The Sphinx Slot Machine had “bells, noises, and lights” and a message flashed up telling her she had won.

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A Changed Life Overnight

Bookman was raised in foster care, homeless as a teenager, and a single mother to four children, so the massive win would have been life-changing for her. She had already planned what she would do with the money, including buying a barber shop for her aspiring son and giving back to her community. However, the incident left her depressed, anxious, and embarrassed.

The Result of the Lawsuit

The result of the lawsuit brought by Bookman against the casino is not known, but similar cases have previously shown that the law often sides with the casino. It remains to be seen whether Bookman will receive any compensation or whether the casino’s claim of a malfunctioning machine will be proven. However, Ripka believes that the casino should at least give Bookman the maximum payout of $6,500, which the machine was supposed to pay out, rather than offering her a measly $2.25 and a steak dinner.

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