40 Killed in Pakistan’s Deadliest Bus Accident in 10 Years

40 Killed in Pakistan’s Deadliest Bus Accident in 10 Years

4 dead and 4 survivors as bus falls into ravine in Pakistan

In one of the worst such accidents in recent years in southern Pakistan, a bus carrying 44 passengers fell into a 15-meter deep ravine and caught fire, leaving only four survivors.

According to Bela deputy city commissioner Hamza Ajum, the bus left Quetta in the east and was bound for Karachi. It crashed into a guardrail after taking a sharp turn, plunging into the ravine, and was on fire when rescuers arrived.

The victims were workers and their families headed home after the end of their work term in Quetta. Nine of them were children.

Rescuers were able to take the survivors to the hospital, one of whom was a woman, although their condition is unknown.

Local officials have opened an investigation into the cause of the accident, but among the possibilities is the driver’s carelessness.

Agencies of Pakistan and the rest of the world have expressed their shock and pain at the tragedy.

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