4 hours into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and I never want to wake up


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My first RPG was Final Fantasy VII, back in 1997 when I barely knew what a console was. Square Enix knows that the game was an entry into the genre for many, which is why they started the remake trilogy of this seventh installment.

After marveling at Remake and opening new avenues into the unknown for a universe that still has a lot to tell, I was eager to see what the development team could do with Rebirth. I had to travel to London for an exclusive event where I was able to test the game for 4 hours from the beginning.

Rebirth has a lot to tell, because let’s remember that Remake only occupies a minimal part of the story of the main game, so from its initial stages it already makes it clear that the narrative is going to be especially important in this installment. The Nibelheim incident in the original was told in a few minutes, here a very detailed flashback is created with everything you need to know.

The new synergy feature between the characters is what is called a “game changer” in the sector, since two of the characters in the group join forces to execute a devastating joint attack that can turn the tables of a combat that is becoming more complicated than necessary.

We were also able to play Chapter 2 of the game in which the main group enters the streets of Kalm before embarking on their trip to the open world due to certain complications in the aforementioned place. The open world opens its doors wide and shows its true potential and that differentiating element with the first installment.

The other great novelty of these 4 hours together with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was the card game that is included in the title and that is introduced into the streets of Kalm. The game is simple and easy to understand, but it has that addictive component that invites you to play several games for pure entertainment to discover all its strategic possibilities and the progressive difficulty that the rivals you face show.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has everything to captivate you from the first moment with a strong narrative and an overwhelming audiovisual style, both in cinematics and in combat. The game is set to be released on February 29.

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