35,000 PayPal Accounts Breached Due to Use of Outdated Passwords

PayPal’s 35,000 Accounts Compromised by Security Breach

Over 35,000 PayPal accounts have been compromised from a security breach using a credential stuffing hack. This means the hacker was able to use previously leaked data in order to log in, as long as the user had reused the password recently.

The hack occurred between December 6th and 8th, 2022, but PayPal was quick to act and reset the passwords of the compromised accounts, containing sensitive information such as tax information of companies or user purchase histories, as well as access to some banks.

The hack was not directed towards a vulnerable part of the company, and was solved quickly by PayPal.

All internet users are encouraged to take the best and fastest way to access their services, but this also means avoid reusing the same password – even if it seems more comfortable.

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