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28M: The map of the socialist mafia

The final stretch of the electoral campaign of the PSOE It has been dotted with a complete catalog of criminal offences: electoral corruption, buying votes in exchange for money -and even drugs-, kidnapping, assault and even the arrest of a candidate linked to the Latin Kings. The list of municipalities where scandals related to the PSOE take place continues to grow as the 28M elections approach.

Kidnapping in Maracena

Kidnapping in Maracena
Noel López, Berta Linares and Pedro Gómez Rosa.

about maracena, in Granada, borders on surrealism: the kidnapper of the socialist mayor Vanessa Romero, in her confession, points out as inducers the number 2 of the PSOE in Andalusia and the mayoress of the municipality, Berta Linares, as inducers of the crime. The notes from the Civil Guard, revealed by OKDIARIO, show that they even gave the kidnapper, with mental problems, cocaine to “embolden” himself before committing the abduction. They chose him because he had mental problems. Also involved is the Town Planning councilor and provincial deputy, Antonio García Leyva (Nono). The reason, according to the kidnapper and former partner of the mayor, was that Vanessa could “have certain documentation or information” of irregularities carried out in the consistory.

Vote buying in Melilla

Votes Melilla
The counselor involved, Mohamed Ahmed Allal (CPM).

The first of the vote-buying cases occurred in Melilla. A series of police arrests uncovers an extensive plot of ballot trafficking orchestrated by members of the Coalition for Melilla. A party that governs the city in coalition with the PSOE. Their leader, Mustafa Aberchana former member of the PSOE, is not appearing in these elections because he is disqualified: he was sentenced for buying votes in 2008. Now, the possible participation of Morocco in this vote buying is being investigated.

Vote buying in Mojácar

The two PSOE candidates arrested in Mojácar.
The two PSOE candidates arrested in Mojácar.

In Mojácar (Almería), Pedro Sánchez’s summer resort until he became president of the Government, it is another of the sources indicated by the purchase of votes for the PSOE. On Wednesday, agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) arrested 7 people involved in the plot. Among them were two PSOE candidates for the municipal elections: Francisco Bartolomé Flores Torres and Cristóbal Vizcaíno , number 2 and 5 respectively. They bought votes from unemployed immigrants who were offered municipal work if they reached the City Council. And they paid up to 180 euros per ballot.

Votes for drugs in Albudeite

Votes for drugs in Albudeite
The PSOE candidate arrested in Albudeite in color.

The Civil Guard has arrested the PSOE candidate in Albudeite (Murcia), Isabel de los Dolores Penalver Neuhauserdue to his involvement in a network that was allegedly dedicated to buy votes in the municipality. The socialist mayor has been arrested along with number 19 on the list of the Socialist Party to the Parliament of the Region of Murcia that she heads Pepe Velez, Hector Antonio Martinez, and eleven more people. He mode of operation of the plot was similar to that of the disarticulated group in Mójacar and that two PSOE candidates for the Andalusian City Council were supposedly leading. It is about offering money and jobs in exchange for the vote by mail of immigrants or people with economic problems. The plot also offered drug addicts in exchange for their votes for the next 28M.

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Latin King in Valencia

Latin king in Valencia
The number 20 of the socialist list to the Valencia City Council, Camilo Monsalve

The number 20 of the socialist list to the Valencia City Council, Camilo Monsalve, He was arrested on May 2 by the Police. Monsalve is also credited with his alleged belonging to the Latin King, which he rejects, according to some sources. The arrest, according to the same sources, was caused by an alleged assault, while others maintain that it was due to a robbery. Despite the fact that he himself has resigned, his name was initially on the ballot papers for the municipal elections, sources close to the case have revealed to OKDIARIO. The same sources have confirmed that the arrest took place on May 2. It is not the first time that Monsalve has been associated with the Latin Kings, whose leader he had declared himself an admirer in a report in the Valencian newspaper Levante.

Aggression in Tenerife

aggression in Tenerife
José Ángel Martín, number 2 of the PSOE in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Local Police arrested on the afternoon of this past Wednesday Jose Angel Martin, number two on the PSOE list for the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for an alleged assault on a manager of the San José Tablero football club. After taking his statement on Thursday, he was released without precautionary measures. The events occurred when Martín, accompanied by some members of the campaign team, tried to access the football field to take pictures and testify to the alleged poor condition of the facilities. At that moment, according to Clara, the president of the club, there was an argument between some parents and the socialist entourage because they did not want them to record since he was training a team from the island and there were minors. Thus, when the manager of the club -Clara’s husband- and his son went to the office to get the keys to the bathrooms and changing rooms, according to his story, Martín kicked the door and Manolo “fell badly” and had to being hospitalized with a fractured ankle, tibia and fibula. Meanwhile, the candidate shouted “You don’t know who I am!”

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Votes in Huévar del Aljarafe

Votes in Huévar del Aljarafe
Rafael Moreno Segura and Aurea Moreno Borrego, former socialist mayors of Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville).

Vote buying scandals also reach Seville. The Court of Seville ordered a month ago to reopen a case for an alleged case of buying votes in exchange for employment by the last two socialist mayors in the Seville municipality of Huevar del Aljarafe, Rafael Moreno Segura and Aurea Moreno Borrego. The facts investigated date back to the years between 2014 and 2019 and the Provincial Court of Seville He has already assured that he sees “indications of the alleged commission of a crime of prevarication in the actions of those investigated.”

Registration in Níjar

Nijar registrations

In the Almería municipality of Níjar, not far from Mojácar, the PSOE has been denounced after detecting the massive registration of people in the homes of socialist councilors. Up to 20 people, temporary workers of the City Council, registered at a single address for the 28M elections.

Threats in Medina Sidonia

Threats in Medina Sidonia
Juan María Cornejo, PSOE candidate for Mayor of Medina Sidonia.

The PSOE candidate in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz), Juan Cornejo, has been denounced for an alleged crime of threats. According to the complaint, of which the Socialists say they have no record, the events occurred on May 14, when the victim She was in a square in the Cadiz municipality and, when she met the PSOE candidate, she was threatened with the cry of “I have to catch you!” or “I’m going to beat you up, you’re going to find out!” According to the complaint, the threat occurred in the Plaza de la Zapata (Medina), next to some garbage cans. Over there, Cornel he would have addressed the complainant in the following terms: “I have to catch you, I’ll catch you alone, I’m going to beat you up, you’re going to find out.” After that, Cornejo would have left the place just at the moment a woman arrived, possibly witness of the alleged threats.

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Buying votes in La Gomera

Buying votes in La Gomera
Casimiro Curbelo, socialist president of the Cabildo de La Gomera.

The Madrid Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which is leading the investigation together with that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has the La Gomera Socialist Group under scrutiny. It is a political formation split from the PSOE, but which governs with those of Pedro Sanchez, Podemos and Nueva Canarias. Apparently, immediately after processing the vote by mail, they showed up at homes of the neighboring members of the Agrupación Socialista Gomera to explain their electoral program and rob them of voting by mail through manipulation and deception that they had fraudulently requested. Before that they had done a preliminary task, from the computers of the Cabildo de La Gomera itself, requesting the documentation impersonating the identity of the Gomerans.

Vote buying in Arona

Vote buying in Arona
José Julián Mena mayor of Arona with a message from his adviser promising money for the vote.

Back in the Canary Islands, and in one of the fiefdoms in which the plot of the Tito Berni, the PSOE is splashed in another attempt to buy votes. Manuel Nodaadviser to the socialist mayor of Arona (Tenerife), José Julian Mena, He has been denounced for offering 50 euros in exchange for electoral support for his political party. The Canary Islands Coalition (CC), the Popular Party (PP) and Más por Arona have filed a complaint with the National Police on Thursday for a alleged purchase of votes in the municipality of Tenerife. A screenshot of a private WhatsApp group for sports activities gives it away.

Electoral fraud in Leganés

Electoral fraud in Leganés

In the case of the Madrid municipality of Leganés, the tactic has not been vote buying, but one more twist: the PSOE has falsified the propaganda leaflets of a local political party, the Union for Leganés (ULEG), to mail them to neighbors and potential voters. What that brochure said, according to the complaint filed by the formation before the Policeis that they were willing to agree with Vox and the PP. The alarm was raised by a company dedicated to mailing, which after detecting the maneuver refused to carry it out. But finally the PSOE did it through another company. In total, an estimated 40,000 leaflets were distributed.

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