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25 Years – The Chain is a comprehensive 4-CD boxed set that offers a deep dive into the iconic band Fleetwood Mac’s extensive discography. This collection spans the band’s entire career, featuring tracks from different lineups and showcasing the evolution of their sound over the years.

One of the standout features of this boxed set is its inclusivity, covering the band’s early material, hits, live performances, and lesser-known tracks. The set provides a well-rounded representation of Fleetwood Mac’s musical journey, making it an ideal choice for both die-hard fans and those looking to explore the band’s extensive catalog.


  • Comprehensive collection spanning the band’s entire career
  • Inclusion of hits, live performances, and lesser-known tracks
  • Well-rounded representation of Fleetwood Mac’s musical evolution
  • Great value for both die-hard fans and newcomers


  • Some customers reported issues with the packaging upon delivery
  • May not include all early material, which could be a drawback for fans of the band’s earliest work

Despite some minor packaging issues reported by a few customers, the overall content and musical value of 25 Years – The Chain make it a worthwhile addition to any Fleetwood Mac enthusiast’s collection. The set’s ability to capture the essence of the band’s diverse discography, from their early years to their chart-topping hits, makes it a compelling choice for music lovers seeking a comprehensive Fleetwood Mac experience.

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