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20th Panama Jazz Festival Concludes with Outdoor Finale

20th Panama Jazz Festival Concludes with Outdoor Finale

Panama Jazz Festival Closes With Concert in the City of Knowledge

The Panama Jazz Festival closed with a free outdoor concert in the Central Quadrangle of the City of Knowledge (CdS) on the banks of the Canal de Panama, drawing nearly 10,000 people. International and national artists performed a range of activities and performances throughout the five-day festival.

Cuban Chucho Valdés, the American Catherine Russell, and Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, Nadia Washington, Idania Dowman, Erika Ender, Lihi Haruvi, and Luz Acosta were among the featured performers, as well as the Global Jazz Womxn, the Chase Morrin Trio, Farayi Malek, Marco Pignataro together with the Berklee Global Jazz Institute and the New England Conservatory, and the Geraldine Ehrman Jazz Quartet.

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The newly formed Las Hijas del Jazz Big Band, composed of over 20 women from different parts of the world, also made their debut during the PJF and was part of the educational project of the Danilo Pérez Foundation that promotes the development of females through music.

The festival was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Panama and the Mayor’s Office of Panama, produced by Panama Jazz Productions for the benefit of the Danilo Pérez Foundation under the Co-production of the City of Knowledge.

20 years after its inception by the Panamanian pianist and jazz player Danilo Pérez, the Panama Jazz Festival has become a national celebration and one of the most important events in the region. Despite the circumstances, the live performance was a reminder that music is an inseparable part of Panamanian culture.

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