2034 World Cup: Saudi Arabia Strengthens Sports and Social Structure


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Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host a spectacular World Cup, but its efforts to secure the championship go beyond what happens on the field. There is a strong investment and a desire to make progress in sports and society. The goal is to create a World Cup that will be remembered as the best in history and to show that Saudi Arabia is a country that is changing.

The Saudi Federation is working on a solid project to prepare for the 2034 event, which will be the first World Cup hosted in the Arab country. In July, the project will start to take concrete form, with the construction of a stadium in Qiddiya already underway. The Saudi Federation showcased its efforts during the Spanish Super Cup held in Riyadh, demonstrating the changes happening in the country and the support of a powerful economy to attract world championship events in various sports.

Since 2016, Saudi Arabia has been focused on growing and developing its sports industry. The country aims to increase the number of federations from 32 to 97 and to significantly increase women’s participation in sports. The Saudi League has also seen significant growth, with an increase in non-Saudi footballers, international broadcasting, and the presence of world-renowned players like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Women’s football has also experienced significant improvements, with the number of teams and players increasing. The goal is to further develop women’s football and improve the competitive level of the teams.

In addition to these efforts, Saudi Arabia has also invested in the creation of public soccer fields and training programs for coaches. The country is committed to making a lasting impact on sports and society, and the upcoming World Cup is just one part of its larger vision for progress and change.

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