2024 South Carolina Democratic Primaries: Live Coverage


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The Democratic primary process kicks off this Saturday in South Carolina, following the earlier contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. South Carolina holds special significance for the Democratic Party, as it is the first state with a significant African American population, making it a crucial test of candidates’ appeal to minority voters.

President Biden is expected to perform well in South Carolina, thanks to his strong support among African American voters. This could give him a much-needed boost after lackluster performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The primary process is a key part of the Democratic Party’s efforts to select a nominee to challenge President Trump in the upcoming election. With a crowded field of candidates, the primaries will help to narrow down the field and determine who has the best chance of defeating Trump.

In addition to South Carolina, there are still many more primaries and caucuses to come, including Super Tuesday on March 3rd, when a large number of states hold their contests. This makes it a critical time for candidates to build momentum and demonstrate their appeal to voters across the country.

The primary process is not just about winning delegates, but also about building support and momentum for the general election. Candidates will need to show that they can appeal to a broad coalition of voters and build a strong campaign organization in order to be successful in the primaries and beyond.

As the primary process unfolds, it will be important to pay attention to how candidates are performing in different regions and among different demographic groups. This will give us a sense of who is building a broad and diverse coalition of support, which will be crucial in the general election.

Ultimately, the primary process is about finding the candidate who can best represent the Democratic Party and defeat President Trump. With so much at stake, the primaries are sure to be an exciting and closely-watched part of the 2020 election.

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