2023 Welfare Pension Payment Calendar: Dates, Amounts, Beneficiaries and Collection Information Revealed

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Mexico Distributes Economic Support for Elderly in Need

The 2023 Welfare Payment has been distributed in Mexico for the elderly, with almost 5,000 pesos being delivered in different distributions this month of March. This amount is a significant sum that will help retirees cover their basic needs in the midst of the economic crisis and the increase in the basic basket. The economic aid was created to provide a basic income to those who do not have access to a pension or who receive an insufficient subsidy to cover their basic needs.

The Ministry of Well-being has stated that those registered to receive financial support will receive four thousand 800 pesos every two months. However, it is expected that some beneficiaries will receive double that amount during the month of March as an additional injection for those requiring it the most.

The complete deposit schedule corresponding to the Pension program Well-being 2023 has been released, with payment dates as follows: March – April: 9,600 pesos (only for the elderly who live in Edomex and Coahuila), July – August: 4,800 pesos, September – October: 4,800 pesos, and November – December: 4,800 pesos.

To withdraw the money from the Well-being Pension for Older Adults, it is important for senior citizens to know that in each of the 32 states of the country, there are four banking institutions designated by the authorities so that they can withdraw their money without having to pay commissions. The designated banks for this purpose include Banco del Bienestar, Banco Azteca, Banorte, and Banjército.

During the period between December 5 and April 15, the distribution of new cards will be carried out to collect the pension in Banco del Bienestar, with the aim of providing an additional benefit to users without any cost. Beneficiaries can go to the aforementioned bank, from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., to receive their new card. To obtain the card, a valid identification with photograph, birth certificate, CURP, proof of address that is not older than six months, and a telephone number will be required.

This economic support is aimed at aiding older adults who are going through a situation of vulnerability in Mexico. The distribution of this support aims to guarantee that retirees have enough funds to live a comfortable life despite their age and financial circumstances.

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