2023 VAT Refund Recipients and Payment Dates in Colombia Revealed

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Prosperidad Social, the government agency responsible for administering social programs in Colombia, has announced that it will continue to provide subsidies for the social programs established by the government to reduce the economic effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One such program is the VAT Refund, which aims to provide relief to the households with the greatest need. In order to qualify for this subsidy, individuals must be registered with the Sisbén, which is the government’s mechanism for identifying those in need. Therefore, it is essential to update Sisbén data in advance to qualify for this benefit.

To know whether or not one is a beneficiary of the VAT Refund, individuals can check their identification number on the government’s website or contact the number 01-8000-95-1100. It is important to note that before consulting online, individuals must update their data in Sisbén IV. The disbursement process for cycle 12 of the VAT Refund began on December 21, 2022, and will continue until January 10, 2023. The National Government has allocated more than 187,000 million pesos to ensure that all beneficiaries receive their payment. Beneficiary households will receive a text message notifying them of payment availability at payment points of SuperGiros and its allies.

Households that are part of the program will receive the amount corresponding to the current cycle and, if necessary, any accumulated payments from cycles 10 and 11 of 2022 that have not been collected. It is crucial to verify the amount in the presence of the cashier, request the corresponding receipt, and ensure that the amount received is equal to the amount indicated on the receipt. The program aims to provide relief to households in need, and individuals must ensure that they meet the necessary requirements to avail of this benefit. It is essential to keep updated with the information provided by Prosperidad Social to stay informed about future subsidies and social programs.

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