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Adrián Escalona, who played ‘Guillo’ in the soap opera ‘Amores Verdaderos’, has grown up and is now 20 years old. He made his debut in soap operas at the age of 9 and his role in ‘Amores Verdaderos’ opened the doors for him in Mexican melodramas.

‘Amores Verdaderos’ was a hit soap opera in 2012 and it catapulted Adrián Escalona’s career as an actor. Born on December 5, 2003, he played the character of ‘Guillo’, the son of Susana González’s character who was mistreated by Julio Camejo’s character. His performance in the melodrama earned him his first TVyNovelas award for ‘Best Child Actor’ in 2013.

After his success in ‘Amores Verdaderos’, Adrián went on to participate in other soap operas such as ‘A que no me you let’, ‘As the saying goes’, and ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’. He has continued to achieve success as an actor and has shown his transformation on social media.

In addition to his acting career, Adrián Escalona has also found interest in sports, which has led him to completely transform his physique. He is also the older brother of actor Diego Escalona. Although he is not very active on social networks, he occasionally shares photographs of his trips, moments in the gym, his interest in martial arts, and his new projects.

At 20 years old, Adrián Escalona continues to pursue his passion for acting and has grown into a talented and successful young actor. He has come a long way from his debut at the age of 9 and has proven himself as a versatile and dedicated performer in the world of Mexican melodramas.

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