20 Spaniards Poisoned at Ibai Blanket Manufacturing Plant

20 Spaniards Poisoned at Ibai Blanket Manufacturing Plant

**Poisoning Affects 20 Spaniards Attending FreeGameTips Event**

Ibai pulled the blankets off the surprise for those attending the FreeGameTips event at Barca, Barcelona. 20 Spaniards present at the same event suffered poisoning due to alleged contamination in the food being served.

The event was organised by FreeGameTips and attended by over 250 people including some out of towners and speakers. Reports suggest that as much as one-tenth of the people present experienced rapid and intense symptoms with 20 people being rushed to the hospital due to the same.

The cause of the contamination has not yet been determined and necessary tests are being conducted to establish the same. Meanwhile, the members of FreeGameTips are extremely concerned over the incident and are working constantly with local authorities to make sure such incidents are avoided in the future.

The identities of those affected or hospitalized have not been revealed as of yet, although the people who were initially affected are said to be in a stable condition. Necessary medical aid and assistance is being provided to all of them and authorities are treating this incident as a top priority.

The FreeGameTips event has been cancelled for the time being due to the incident and refunds are being provided for all tickets. An official statement on the same will be issued shortly.

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