14 dead in Texcaltitlán confrontation: bloody videos of machetes and bullets


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The Security Secretariat (SS) of the State of Mexico has confirmed that eleven people died after a confrontation between alleged members of organized crime and residents of Texcaltitlán, State of Mexico. The death toll from the confrontation in Texcaltitlán has now risen to 14, with eleven being from the Familia Michoacana.

According to initial reports, the events occurred after a criminal cell allegedly from the Familia Michoacana arrived in the town to demand payments in exchange for each square meter of planting. Recordings circulating on social networks show the moment when residents of Texcaltitlán confronted members of organized crime, resulting in eleven dead individuals, eight of whom were alleged criminals and three were residents, according to the state Security Secretariat.

Videos show the armed confrontation between residents and members of the Familia Michoacana, with residents armed with machetes, stones, sticks, and some with guns, surrounding the criminals who were traveling in green, military-type trucks. The residents gradually approached the armed men, some with tactical equipment, who were on a soccer field, while the hitmen tried to intimidate them.

However, the actions of the criminals did not intimidate the residents, and a pitched fight began, with firearms being discharged. In one part of the recording, a green vehicle is shown where armed individuals, dressed in military-type clothing, shot at the inhabitants, who covered themselves from the bullets while continuing to advance against the aggressors. Finally, the residents managed to subdue the criminals, beating them with machetes, sticks, and stones. Some of the residents were injured by firearms during the confrontation.

According to the La Jornada newspaper of the State of Mexico, the criminals arrived on December 8 to demand payment of one peso for each square meter of oat and bean planting, summoning the residents to the soccer field. The confrontation started after the Familia Michoacana tried to extort money from the inhabitants, threatening to murder innocent people if they did not comply.

The alleged members of the Familia Michoacana did not expect the inhabitants to organize and confront them, resulting in eleven people being killed. The situation is being handled by the State Police, in coordination with the National Guard (GN) and ministerial authorities, in order to completely clarify what happened. The SS personnel in the region are providing support in the area to maintain control after the emergency. The Mexican authority has urged the population to stay informed through official sources, and more information about what happened will be offered as soon as the situation allows it.

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