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The Rolling Stones’ ’12 X 5′ album is a captivating journey into the band’s early bluesy sound, showcasing their roots and potential. The album, released in 1964, is a mix of covers and original compositions, providing a glimpse into the band’s formative years.

One of the standout features of this album is the band’s homage to blues music. The Stones’ connection to the blues is evident in their renditions of classic blues tracks, such as ‘Confessin the Blues’ and ‘2120 South Michigan Avenue.’ The album’s recording at Chess Studios adds an authentic touch to their bluesy sound, making it a compelling listen for fans of the genre.


  • Authentic blues sound
  • Impressive covers of classic blues tracks
  • Insight into the band’s early influences and musical direction
  • Well-preserved stereo tracks


  • Some listeners reported receiving warped copies
  • Varied quality of original compositions

While the album received praise for its authentic blues renditions, some listeners noted issues with the vinyl’s condition, with reports of warped copies affecting playability. Additionally, the original compositions on the album were met with mixed reviews, with some tracks being perceived as weaker compared to the covers.

Despite these drawbacks, ’12 X 5′ remains a significant piece of The Rolling Stones’ discography, offering a glimpse into the band’s early musical journey and their deep-rooted connection to the blues. For fans of the band’s formative years and blues enthusiasts, this album serves as a valuable addition to their collection.

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