11 dead in central Mexico after clash between civilians and suspected criminals


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A violent clash between civilians and alleged members of the ‘Familia Michoacana’ cartel resulted in 11 deaths in the central State of Mexico, according to initial reports from the Ministry of Security (SS) of the entity. The SS of the State of Mexico released a statement with preliminary information, stating that eight of the deceased were allegedly involved in criminal activities, while the other three were residents of the Mexican town of Texcaltitlán.

The state secretary of security, Andrés Andrade, confirmed the violent events and stated that the State Police, in coordination with the National Guard and local ministerial authorities of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), are working to address the situation. Videos circulating on social media show the aftermath of the confrontation, with authorities urging the public to rely on official sources for information.

The SS in the region is providing support to maintain control after the emergency, and ministerial investigations are underway to clarify what happened. Andrade promised to provide more information on the case as the situation develops.

The violent clash in Texcaltitlán has raised concerns about the presence and activities of criminal organizations in the area. The ‘Familia Michoacana’ cartel has been known for its involvement in drug trafficking, extortion, and other illegal activities, posing a threat to the safety and security of local communities.

The State of Mexico has been a hotspot for criminal activity, with various cartels vying for control of territory and resources. The government has been working to combat these criminal organizations, but incidents like the one in Texcaltitlán highlight the ongoing challenges in addressing the root causes of violence and insecurity in the region.

The tragic loss of life in the confrontation underscores the need for continued efforts to improve security and address the underlying issues that contribute to the presence of criminal groups. The State of Mexico and the federal government must work together to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents, and to prevent further violence and bloodshed in the future.

As the investigation into the violent events in Texcaltitlán continues, it is crucial for authorities to provide transparency and accountability in their efforts to bring those responsible to justice. The community and the public at large deserve to know the truth about what happened and to see measures taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. It is a collective responsibility to work towards a safer and more secure environment for everyone in the State of Mexico.

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