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100,000 Refugees in Moldova Remain a Year After War in Ukraine

100,000 Refugees in Moldova Remain a Year After War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has caused over 750,000 people to flee to Moldova since it began a year ago. Most of these refugees have been welcomed into Moldovan host families, while NGOs like Peace offer safe spaces for refugee women and children.

Dimitro Kochegov, a Ukrainian refugee child, says he tries not to think about the war in Ukraine. Iduard Mihay, another Ukrainian refugee, explains that he had to leave his parents behind and bring his children to Moldova for greater safety.

The situation on the border with Ukraine has almost returned to normal, with people going back and forth between Moldova and Ukraine. However, international organizations such as UNHCR Moldova remain on alert in case of an escalation of the conflict.

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The refugees in Moldova have hope for a better future. Despite the war in Ukraine, they are grateful for the hospitality shown by the people of Moldova. With the support of the Moldovan people and the international community, the refugees can look forward to a brighter future.

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