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Today, February 9th, is International Pizza Day, a celebration of the iconic food that has transcended borders and won over palates worldwide with its simple and effective configuration. Pizza, as we know it today, with dough, sauce, and cheese, became popular in the 19th century in Naples and has continued to evolve and gain followers ever since, becoming a symbol of the working class.

Pizza is a cultural phenomenon, with each regional variation reflecting the unique characteristics of the towns that have adopted it as their own. The subtle differences in pizza styles are a result of factors such as immigration, the availability of raw materials, and the need to innovate.

Just like music, pizza can have countless variations. It can be simple and straightforward like punk, or have layers and textures like progressive rock. Pizza and music are closely related, and over the years, countless songs have been dedicated to this noble dish. From System of a Down to Nathy Peluso, there are numerous songs that celebrate pizza.

In honor of International Pizza Day, here are 10 songs that talk about pizza:

1. Las Piñas – “Pizza”
2. Nathy Peluso – “Gimme Somme Pizza”
3. Bubis Vayins – “Rice Pizza”
4. Alfredo Casero – “Pizza with me”
5. Memphis la Blusera – “Moscato, pizza y fainá”
6. System of a Down – “Chic ‘N’ Stu”
7. Frank Zappa – “The Blue Light”
8. The Aquabats – “Pizza Day”
9. Kid Mess – “Pizza”
10. Attila – “Pizza”

International Pizza Day is a time to celebrate the cultural significance of this beloved food and to enjoy the many variations and flavors that it has to offer. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a more adventurous combination of toppings, there’s no denying the universal appeal of pizza. So, on this special day, why not treat yourself to a slice of your favorite pizza and join in the worldwide celebration of this iconic dish?

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