10 Musicians with Their Own Stamps


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Stamps, those small pieces of paper with images representing various themes, have played a significant role in the world’s postal and cultural history. They are not just a means of postage for mail, but also collectibles for many people. Philately, the art of collecting stamps, has become a hobby shared by millions of people around the world. Stamps often feature images that represent history, culture, flora, fauna, and the achievements of a given country. They have also been used as a form of propaganda, celebrating historical events, prominent figures, and national values.

As expected, artists began to appear on some stamps from countries such as Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, and Bob Marley were some of the first artists to be featured on stamps. This initiative began to be replicated elsewhere and eventually reached Argentina in the early 2000s. In 2006, the Official Mail of the Argentine Republic decided to commemorate the 40 years of Argentine rock (from 1966 to 2006) with a special edition of stamps featuring the faces of some of the most important artists of the genre.

On November 18 of that year, stamps were issued in tribute to musicians such as Tanguito, Luca Prodan, Miguel Abuelo, and Pappo. Other Argentine artists who were commemorated in the form of stamps were Gustavo Cerati and Luis Alberto Spinetta. Below you can see 10 artists who had their stamps:

1. Elvis Presley
2. Janis Joplin
3. John Lennon
4. David Bowie
5. Pappo
6. Gustavo Cerati
7. Luis Alberto Spinetta
8. Luca Prodan
9. Miguel Abuelo
10. Tanguito

These stamps serve as a way to honor and remember these influential musicians. They also serve as a way to celebrate the cultural impact of Argentine rock music. The issuance of these stamps not only pays tribute to these artists but also serves as a way to educate and inspire people about the rich history of music in Argentina.

In conclusion, stamps have become an important part of cultural history, serving as a way to commemorate and celebrate significant events and figures. The issuance of stamps featuring influential musicians is a way to honor their contributions to music and culture. It also serves as a way to educate and inspire people about the rich history of music in Argentina.

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