10 Dead in Jihadist Attack Outside Afghan Foreign Ministry

**Kabul Suicide Attack Leaves 10 Dead, 53 Injured According to UN**
A suicide attack carried out by the Islamic State (IS) group in front of the Afghan chancellery in Kabul has resulted in 10 dead and 53 injured, according to a balance released by the United Nations.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan issued a statement to the AFP, claiming that the Taliban, who are seeking to minimize the effects of the attack, only reported five civilian deaths.

The attack on Wednesday was carried out when a suicide bomber from IS-K, the local branch of the Islamic State group, detonated his explosive belt among employees and guards leaving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Taliban claim to have improved security since they returned to power in August 2021, but numerous attacks have been claimed by IS-K in the past few months. Analysts believe that jihadists of the Islamic State continue to pose a serious risk to the Kabul regime.

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