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By day, Ryan Knight-Cole is a political commentator, and an advocate for social justice at Pancho and the Mule (dot) com.

The Unforeseen Price of Progress in Spenard

Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly voted to allow city officials to obtain property by use of eminent domain to rebuild the northern corridor of Spenard Road.

A Quick Stroll, in a Place Where Stalking Women is the...

A recent survey revealed that more than a third of Alaskan women have been victims of stalking. I can relate. I'm one of them. And things need to change.

Hillary Clinton, An Illuminati Pizza Joint, and Fake News

Claims surrounding the involvement of government officials in sex trafficking, pedophilia, etc are nothing new. The added danger of social media sharing is.

Gabrielle Douglas Goes To Washington… Sort Of

U.S. Olympian Gabrielle Douglas didn’t put her hand over her heart during the national anthem. And the hate is stupid. So, stop it. Please.

North Carolina vs. The World

When I write about LGBTQ issues, it usually involves an unconstitutional law disguised as an attempt to “protect” the religious freedoms of U.S. citizens.

Concealed Carry on Campus Will Not Make Us Safer

“The very presence of a gun in the classroom constitutes a harassing environment.” This quote was posted several months ago by my friend and mentor,...

The One About Alaska Vice

Lately, Alaskans have been learning about tragedies occurring in our backyards when we notice Alaska start to trend on Facebook. We have a major problem.

Vice Coverage of Nome an Offensive Caricature of Alaska

Alaskans collectively gathered their pitchforks and torches after reading a disastrous article, about Nome, penned by Vice photographer Alec Soth.

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