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Rebecca was raised in Alaska and is continually fascinated by the way its communities grow and change. Her interests include housing and homelessness, food and transportation policy, and new ways to think about “economic growth.” When not working, Rebecca enjoys the local film scene and spending time with her beloved St. Bernard.

Pencils, Books, and No Home: Alaska’s Homeless Students Number In the...

A look behind the numbers that tell the story of Alaska's 3,900 homeless students.

Here’s to the Mothers on the Bus

An ode to the tireless moms who need our public transit system, and a reminder to the rest of us to have a little more patience.

This Valentine’s Day, Try a Political Party that Loves You Back

Imagine what kind of country we would have if people had as much fun voting as they do catching a drink with their loved ones. What if you could take a stand for a better world and feel good at the same time? The Dopamine Party might be right up your alley.

Frigid Couture: How Object Runway Captivates and Cultivates Artistic Minds in...

Alaskan artists embrace blue tarps and Tyvek packing materials as they prepare for a night of fashion and found art at the 4th Annual Object Runway show. [Check out our gallery to see some pieces in-process of creation.]

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