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Phil was born and raised in the Midwest. He moved to Alaska in 2010 and started his bike commuting life then and hasn't looked back yet. He is primarily focused on how bikes can be used to supplant other forms of transportation, when it makes sense to do so, but he is also interested in how to combine different forms of alternative transportation to create a sustainable and enjoyable commute. Besides cycling, Phil works as a business analyst, is a recovering poet, teaches technical writing, and still harbors a dream to write a great novel some day.

The Last Ride of the Beardcicle Chronicles

This is it. I'm shaving the beard and moving on. Well, the beard's not going anywhere, but the column is. The last ride of the Beardcicle Chronicles.

Beardcicle Chronicles: Opiate-Elect of the Masses

How long is it until Trump jumps out from behind a curtain and yells, "you've been punked?" I hope soon. Otherwise I might not be able to go on.

Beardcicle Chronicles: Ten Below?

If you've not experienced riding a fatbike in the dark in the "wild" I suggest you do so. It is brilliant fun. Even when the cold seals your eyes shut.

Beardcicle Chronicles: Let’s Get Cyclical!

It is November, almost December, and the riding really, well, to be frank, sucks on a number of levels. But I headed out anyway.

Beardcicle Chronicles: Propaganda

How are we to know anymore what facts are facts, misrepresentations of the facts, outright lies, or propaganda designed to control our thinking?

Dear America: A Post-Election Reaction and Reflection

The anger, fear, protests, voter apathy and turnout should cause us all to thoroughly examine how Trump was elected. Or we could just complain on Facebook.

Beardcicle Chronicles: The Election Circus Has Arrived

I am so ready for this to all be over. The whole election thing has really got my head messed this time around.

Beardcicle Chronicles: Getting Back to the Bike

Strange, but I am starting to fall into bike lust mode again. I know I shouldn't be and, strangely enough, I know exactly why I am in this mode.

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