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Natalie Snyder is Outside sown, but Alaska grown. She’s a wife and mother with a full-time job, allotted debt and requisite civic awareness. An avid slacktivist decades before it was cool, she’s always been willing to lend her voice and/or pen to worthy causes. Literary highlights include many letters to editors, impassioned social network posts and at least 42 notebooks filled with esoteric prose, cartoons and poetry.

Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week In Internet Memes

Saturday morning cartoons aren't just for kids anymore. Grab your coffee and your doughnuts because it is time to get your laugh on!

Memorial Day and the Duty to Remember

How do you teach the meaning of Memorial Day to your children?

The Defense of Gun Culture Amidst a Backdrop of Tragedy: Indelicate...

The very nature of American gun culture forces us to see others as potential enemies or invaders and demands we shoot. It's tearing Alaskan families apart.

TEDx Anchorage: Alaskan Speakers Will Talk About Fun

This Saturday brings a full day of speakers, videos and performances, lined up to get people connected to and thinking about fun things. Literally.

News Roundup: January 31, 2014

Education was big in the news this week. Senator Begich is doing something good. Ticks are in Alaska now. Maker Labs are cool. See what you missed this week!

Celluloid Solstice: Five Films Under the Midnight Sun

This is why you need to be paying attention to Alaska's filmmaking community.

The Duty to Remember

How do you teach the meaning of Memorial Day to your children?

Still Just a Rat in a Cage: “A Gulag Mouse” by...

It is not so difficult to lose our sense of self in a hopeless situation. Tosspot Productions' "A Gulag Mouse" demonstrates the dark places people can sink to under desperate circumstances.

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