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Whenever the Interwebs deign to spread their plague of misinformation and charlatanry, Meme killer is there with a bottle full of whiskey and a barrel full of snark. There to dispense facts and logic, so that ignorance is halted in its text and catchy imagery.

Meme Killer: Wingers, Willy Wonka, and the Border Invasion

Whenever you find a large number of dark-skinned people trying to cross the border into America, there too you will find hateful Internet memes.

Meme Killer Episode 11: Joe Miller Rehabs Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy...

Joe Miller, Sarah Palin, and "foreign policy" should never be placed within ten city blocks of the same sentence. And yet...

Meme Killer Episode 10: Libertarian Marxists and the Wal-Mart Way

A viral libertarian meme has come to the rescue of Wal-Mart, defending their low wages with a bunch of questionable math. Because, freedom.

Meme Killer Episode 9: Veterans, Veterans and Veterans with AR-15s

Did DEMOCRATS really VOTE to GIVE the retirement benefits of young disabled veterans to ILLEGALS so they can have FREE WELFARE?

Meme Killer #8: Personal Trainer Addition

If you make $50,000 a year, does the government divert $4,000 towards corporate subsidies?

Meme Killer Episode 6: The Taqiyya of the Far Right

Another day on the Internet, another round of "Obama is a secret Muslim America-killing president" memes. Because THE DARK TRUTH IS REVEALED!

Meme Killer Episode 3: The Parable of the Middle Class Girl

From the desk of the Meme Killer, the chain email known as "The $50 Lesson" is put down.

Meme-Killer Episode One: Thirty Years of Innovation

Sometimes memes are worth a second look, and often a scolding. Think before you post, people.

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