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Kristy Marie has spent the last 15 years of her life dedicated to health. Kristy studied at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and received her Bachelor's degree in Communications. After graduating and traveling abroad she rediscovered her passion for writing, and has learned to make the distinction between looking healthy and being healthy. With a philosophy embedded in nature, she believes readers will find different methods with which to heal their bodies and minds and energize their lives.

Kristy Marie: Healthy Cheat Treats

When committing to a healthy eating lifestyle it can sometimes feel as though all of the “tasty” foods are out of our reach. But there are ways to cheat.

Kick Your STRIDE Into Gear

Motivation is needed more than ever, especially for Alaskans as winter settles in. Here are some helpful tips to help kick your STRIDE into gear!

Kristy Marie: Healthy Habits Begin with A First Step

Kristy Marie has some advice on how making small changes can lead to big changes and a healthier lifestyle.

You Should Go for a Walk… Now!

Kristy Marie struggled with her weight until one healthy step led to another. She's got some advice on how you can improve your own health, too.

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