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Life long Alaskan, Kokayi Nosakhere brings 20 years of networking and organizing experience to the role of community voice reporter. Born and raised by the Fairview neighborhood, Nosakhere likes to think he understands humanity enough to validate the award he received from the Alaska Press Club in April 2015. If you have a cultural event or viewpoint on an issue, please contact him at Kokayi@alaskacommons.com

Alaska Native Activist Addresses National and Local Water Issues

South central-based grassroots activist, Meda DeWitt,is not backing down when it comes to advocating water rights issues, from North Dakota to Alaska.

Visiting Scholar Provides Scientific Justification for Safe Spaces at the University...

“Do you feel safe, here?” Dr. Emma Coddington asked, sitting straight up in her chair.

America’s Protest Movement: Left and Right

America's protest movement has occupied both sides of the aisle and turned the middle into a wartorn bunker. We're very good at not seeing our detractors.

The Confederate Flag and Memories of the Chugiak High School Experience

On Wednesday, February 8, five boys at Chugiak High School boys unconsciously brought the national discussion on race, racism, and history to Anchorage.

Meet Alaska’s First Black Business Expo: Providing Economic Solutions Through an...

At nine o’clock in the morning Super Bowl eve, Jasmin Smith, owner of Anchorage's Business Boutique, hovered over 50 or so tables inside the first...

Being Christian, Milliennial, and Bearing the Cross of Race

Interestingly enough, the Pandora's box of social justice and related issues connected to race is the issue which brought two unlikely allies together.

When Violence is Home Grown and Next Door

Community councils are where the rubber of Alaskan democracy meets the road. With Anchorage's recent spike in violent crime, we need all hands on deck.

What We Can Control: Community-Led Solutions to Anchorage Youth Violence

Anchorage community leaders met earlier this month to talk about solutions. Because waiting for the violence to stop doesn't seem to be getting us very far.

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