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John Aronno is a co-founder, managing editor, and award winning political writer at Alaska Commons. Aronno has had his work featured in the Huffington Post, the Anchorage Press, the Alaska Dispatch, and the Rachel Maddow Show, and is listed among the state’s top reporters on the Washington Post’s “The Fix.” He writes the weekly column “On Politics” for Alaska Commons. Aronno lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife, Heather Aronno, and a lot of pets.

Latest Attempt to Roll Back LGBTQ Equal Protections Law Approved by...

In a legal opinion, Anchorage Municipal Attorney William Falsey recommended certification of an initiative rolling back rights for transgender residents.

Emotional and Epic Changes to the Anchorage Assembly. Here’s An Illustration

Anchorage's election saw two openly gay Assembly members elected, a new addition in South Anchorage, and an epic comic book analogy we totally exploited.

House Punts on REAL ID Act, Offers Objection in Lieu of...

On day 90, Alaska Legislature finally passed legislation responding to the federal government's required compliance with the READ ID Act of 2005.

Senate Cancels Joint Session to Confirm Walker Administration Appointees

For the first time anyone can remember, the Alaska State Senate has cancelled a joint session with the House to confirm Walker Administration appointees.

Alaska House Majority Co-Opts Senate Bill as Deficit Reduction Vehicle. We’re...

A rewrite of the Senate's deficit reduction plan by the House pretty much guarantees that budget talks are going to get a lot uglier with no end in sight.

Senate Committee Fails to Reach Quorum, Cancels Public Hearing on Anti-Discrimination...

Despite dozens hoping to testify, only two senators showed up to a committee hearing on legislation aimed at protecting LGBTQ Alaskans from discrimination.

‘Death With Dignity’ Bill Heard for Second Time in House Committee

The Alaska House Health & Social Service Committee Thursday afternoon, heard House Bill 54, a "Death with Dignity" Act on par with other western states.

Anchorage Makes History in 2017 Local Elections Despite Ridiculously Low Voter...

Anchorage's municipal elections are behind us. There are a lot of "stories of the night" -- at least to the 20 percent of Alaska's largest city who voted.

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