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Jeremia Schrock holds a B.A. in History from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He writes a drinking column for the Alaska Commons and hosts a variety show on KSUA 91.5 FM. He enjoys whiskey, Formula 1 racing, and a bright color palette.

The Social Drinker: The Japanese Whisky Hipster

Whisky doesn't generally conjure up images of Japan. But the Yamazaki Single Malt has been heralded the best whisky in the world. If you can find it.

A Good Life: Bidding Farewell to Dr. Joseph Thompson (1965-2014)

Rare is the man who teaches well; rarer still is the man whose lessons last a lifetime. Dr. Joseph Thompson was one of those shining few.

The Social Drinker: Alaska’s Love of Booze by the Numbers

While the history of booze in Alaska goes back to the earliest days of Western contact, the story of its production is relatively new.

The Social Drinker: Beers, Bears, and Brats at Augtoberfest

Bavarian food, burn barrels, and a bear drinking beers? That was Augtoberfest at Healy's own 49th State Brewery.

The Social Drinker: Drinking with Santa Claus

Whether downing pints with friends on Winter Solstice or sipping wine over a good book, drinking can be the perfect complement to many situations.

The Social Drinker: A Taste for Scotch

If Dionysus had been born in the Scottish Highlands, scotch would have been his drink of choice.

The Social Drinker: The Patriot’s Drink

July is the time for patriots, and American is a nation of immigrants. It's fitting, then, that the drink of summer is sangria.

Fairbanks team kept lights on for Hollywood horror film

As the Key Grip for “Unnatural,” a horror film shot in Fairbanks, Jonathan Huff ensured that scenes were well-lit, properly rigged, and safe.

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