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Jay Burns is an actor, playwright, and lifelong Alaskan. He studied business and economics at Carnegie Mellon, and holds a theatre MFA from Michigan State. He's a former Hollywood development exec, a political junkie, a gamer, and father of three. What free time he has is often spent on the hiking trails around Anchorage with his wife and three kids or in the theatre.

Afterthoughts: The Real Scandal

The real scandal is that the president isn't upset that a core member of his staff violated the law, but is instead upset that someone notified the public.

Afterthoughts: A Requiem for Competence

The left. The right. Republicans, Democrats. I'd like to, for a moment, put that aside. Ideology aside, I'd like to talk about a Requiem for Competence.

Afterthoughts: The Appropriate Level of Panic

Before the presidential race had even been properly called, the internet exploded. The panic is understandable. It's recent placement, not so much.

Afterthoughts: How to Survive an Authoritarian Regime (In 10 easy steps!)

So, you're in shock. I get that. You're waking up and realizing Trump winning wasn't just a bad dream. Let's talk. Because we need you. Here's why.

Afterthoughts: A Quarter’s Worth of Difference

In a presidential election like this one, does the quote, "there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties," still hold true?

Afterthoughts: Mass Hysteria

In their zeal to do something about gun violence, House Democrats staged a historic coup, demanding a vote on a bill restricting gun sales.

Afterthoughts: The Orlando Shooter

As is often the case in our 24 hour news cycle, our first impressions of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, were incomplete.

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