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Daniel D. Grota retired from the U.S. Army after twenty one years of service.He is a radio personality on KVRF 89.5 Radio Free Palmer and a former columnist for the Mat-Su Frontiersman.

Alaska’s Veterans and Pioneer Homes are Here to Stay

This goes out to those lawmakers who had the audacity to propose closure of the Veterans and Pioneers Homes of Palmer and Juneau due to budget cuts.

The Smartphone: Addiction, Obsession, or Both?

Recently, I was brought into the 21st century when my day job employer issued me a smartphone. I should add, I did so kicking and screaming.

I am Afraid of Steve Bannon

There is a member of the new President Donald Trump administration that troubles me a great deal. His name is Steve Bannon.

The Presidency that is Increasingly Becoming a Problem

Only a month in, controversies dogging the new Trump administration have many concerned about where the country is headed and where investigations may lead.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Except…

The snow was falling nearly all of Friday night and well into Saturday at my home. So, I decided to take it easy and...

Alternative Facts, Magical Crowds, and the Day My BS Meter Exploded

Recent remarks made by President Trump and his staffers leave me wondering if we've entered the reign of unreason. This is not normal.

Real News, Fake News, the President, and the First Amendment

The flood of the fake news makes journalism harder to deliver stories to the public, who struggle to figure out what is the true story and what is not.

Trump, Twitter, and Intelligence: Something is Missing

Buzzfeed's journalistic malpractice is a sad distraction, but can we get back to the whole war between President-elect Trump and the intelligence community?

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