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Craig Tuten moved from Florida to Alaska with his wife Rachael in 2006. He studied history at Florida State University while everybody else was having a good time. It is hard to list a low-wage job he hasn't briefly held.

Alaska Supreme Court Decides Case in What Could be Called a...

Alaska Supreme Court ruled that a business partner cost prospective app developers first-mover advantage, but developers failed to justify damages awarded.

Revised House Deficit Reduction Bill Reignites Debate Over an Income Tax

The House Finance Committee revised Thursday its deficit reduction plan, the State Revenue Restructuring Act, primarily focusing on income tax provisions.

House Passes Bill Supporting an Employment Preference Option for Veterans

The House unanimously passed a bill that allows private employers to express a hiring preference for military veterans and National Guard members.

Rep. Seaton Doubles Down on Income Tax

If the Senate doesn’t consider an income tax, the legislature will have to turn to the oil industry for more revenue, Rep. Paul Seaton says.

House Passes Operating Budget, Senate in Queue to Amend

With four weeks left in the 90-day legislative session, the House passed a Fiscal Year 2018 operating budget. Up next to bat is the Senate.

Cuts, Amendments, and Filibusters Dominate Ongoing State Budget Debates

As the House moved Thursday to end debate on budget amendments, the Senate Finance Committee began taking public testimony on its own version of the operating budget.

Despite Vocal Opposition Senate Passes Permanent Fund Restructuring Bill

The Senate passed a bill on the Ides of March that draws $1.8 billion from the Permanent Fund earnings reserve and sets the Permanent Fund dividend at $1,000.

House Continues Sifting through Hundreds of Budget Amendments

Sifting through hundreds of amendments to the operating budget, House majority and minority members each tried to hold the moral high ground during debate.

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