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Chris Bailey is your average Alaskan newshound and reluctant politico. He is known for his - read independent - mix of biting wit and insight on local issues. As each election season heats up, look for him to join the ranks of eager volunteers occupying phone banks and neighborhood canvassing teams. A diehard American, Bailey is so wedded to the democratic process that he contributes to Alaska Commons despite crafting a “progressive”-Republican mind-set. “I really want to highlight that I love and respect ALL people. This love for humanity leads me to believe more in local governance structures than the national governance model.

What if the Potential Presidential Running Mates were Cars?

What if, instead of people, the presidential candidates had to pick out a car as their running mate?

Tonn Out of Senate Primary Race

You'll never guess what this former GOP primary candidate said over Facebook. Read the first 24 words and you'll be hooked on Tonn-ics, I swear.

Life Unmeasured: Falling in love with my stove, again.

Life Unmeasured writer Chris Bailey thought he was getting a neat gadget. But what he got was a reminder that "cheap and quick" doesn't always mean "better."

Meme Killer Episode 4: Just a Housewife Out Shopping in Alaska.

A popular internet meme claims Alaska has the lowest crime rate in the US and has never had a school shooting.

Life Unmeasured: Simple Iced Coffee

Put down the credit card. Before we're all out of summer, here's a quick and inexpensive way to treat yourself to iced coffee.

10th Anniversary of the Alaska Miata Club

May 25, 2013 was a beautiful day for the 10th anniversary of the Alaska Miata Club.

“Calling it Home” with Chris Bailey

Welcome to the first entry to Chris Bailey's new column, "Calling it Home." Get tips, recommendations, and answers to your questions. This week, Chris has some advice on picking a contractor and an event in Anchorage for home and garden remodeling.

Quality of Life: Why the Alaska Republican Party Has Me Cringing...

Believing in ideals and sticking with a political party through rough patches can be difficult. As a gay man and as a republican, Chris Bailey has some thoughts and concerns about the 2013 Alaska Republican Party that he would like to share with you.

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