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It is a divine act of hubris to think any one being has an answer for everyone. Just as every person has a completely unique experience and destination; so the best answer could come from an array of sources. The words of Brahm will be heard from this source, but the voices of Brahm are many.

Unsolicited Advice, via Brahm

When her son makes a huge confession, a mother learns the mettle of her young man, and her perspective is challenged.

Advice, via Brahm: Unmotiva… meh

Seeker asks: I hear about this ‘drive’ stuff that some people have and ‘grit’ and ‘ambition’ and ‘motivation’. Where do I get some?

Advice, via Brahm: Fatherhood

One soon-to-be father asks an age-old question: "How do I not f@*# this up?"

Advice, via Brahm: Mom Chikka Mow Wow

Having Mom as a roommate is just like having any other roommate, only way more awkward.

Advice via Brahm, the Six Conspiracy

What do you do when you're positive wicked things are afoot and your friends just want to drink beer and not care? Ask Brahm, of course.

Advice, via Brahm: Number Five – A Woman’s Worth

What does it mean when one half of a couple starts spending more time at work then they're paid for? Via Brahm takes up the question.

Advice, via Brahm: Chapter Four – Parents Understand

It's hard to admit your parents were right. Even harder to admit it to them! Is it necessary? What does Brahm say?

Advice, via Brahm: The Third Incarnation

This week's Advice, via Brahm, takes on the meaning of college, the meaning of religion, and asking for advice without asking a question.

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