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Alaska Commons is the emerging independent voice in Alaska media. We don’t stop at reporting the news, we strive to explore local issues and help craft the zeitgeist. Here our quickly expanding readership enjoys a wide range of content offering one of a kind, long form analysis, strengthening our communities by providing commentary, context, and history to the most relevant current events facing Alaskans.

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Other Recent Appearances


John Aronno Featured on Alaska Edition: The Legislative Session

John Aronno was featured as a guest on Alaska Public Media's "Alaska Edition: The Legislative Session" on January 22, 2016.

John Aronno: The Nine Most Terrifying Words in the English Language Are “I’m from...

Alaska Commons co-founder and managing editor, John Aronno, warns about the internet's increasing ability to influence public opinion at this year's State of Our City Forum.

Award Winning Articles

“UAA Ugh?” Students Hijack University’s Branding Campaign

A recent branding effort at UAA, entitled "Amazing Stories Being Written Every Day" has many students adding their own edits.

Superior Court Judge Says Panhandling Laws Violate Free Speech

An Alaska Superior Court judge struck down an Anchorage anti-panhandling law last month while upholding a controversial law against sitting on sidewalks.

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