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Turn and Face the Strange (Ch-Ch-Changes)


As some of you may know, our managing editor, lead writer, and good friend John Aronno has resigned from his role with Alaska Commons.

Since its inception, Alaska Commons has been a volunteer effort – none of our writers, illustrators, or board members have been compensated. This has been a challenge for all parties involved, and due to his depth of involvement and passion, it affected John and his family the most.

During John’s tenure we’ve grown from a blog nobody had heard of to an award-winning media outlet, punching above our weight and gaining the respect of our journalism colleagues, public officials, and most importantly you, our readers. His voice and his direction were invaluable in making Alaska Commons what it is. We are grateful for all he has done and hold nothing but love, respect and admiration for him now and in all his future ventures.

As you can imagine, this is a bit of an upset to our operations. We don’t know what this means for Alaska Commons moving forward. We ask for your patience and understanding as we regroup.

If you’re interested in lending your support in helping us move forward, you can contribute to our work at patreon.com/alaskacommons.