Anchorage Science Pub: The Scoop on Poop – Coprology 101


Title: The Scoop on Poop – Coprology 101
Presenter: Beth Baker

 March 12, 2017
Location: Tap Root Public House

“While humans may have evolved out of the caves and given up hunting and gathering in favor of skinny lattes at the mall, one thing remains as an inescapable part of being an animal—and that is the act of defecation. Despite its importance, poop is a topic avoided in polite conversation. It also does not get the coverage it deserves in biology classes. Poop is not just waste. Animals and humans use poop in a variety of fascinating ways.

This talk will be a brief attempt to mention a few fascinating facts about feces & will attempt to change forever the way you think about this solid waste.

Beth Baker has completed the Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training of the National Association of Interpretation. She is a certified Alaska Master Naturalist having completed the UAF-Cooperative Extension Program. She has also completed the Interpretative Naturalist Certificate Program of Alaska and the Alaska Naturalist Online Program through the University of Alaska in Sitka. She is a volunteer naturalist at the Eagle River Visitor Center where she has won their volunteer of the year award. She is currently president of the Alaska Native Plant Society. She has completed the ethnobotany program from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.”

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