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The Last Ride of the Beardcicle Chronicles


This is it. My final dispatch. I’m shaving the beard and moving on.

Well, the beard’s not really going anywhere, but this column is.

Over the past three years, I’ve had a chance to write about some things that are important to me. I’ve had the chance to push myself by writing about things from a perspective opposite of my own. I’ve had a chance to put my toe into the waters of political writing and have been able to share some of my adventures and even use the column to promote organizations and activities that I support.

However, as the new year dawns, I find that I need to simplify some things in my life and as I have thought about this column more and more and wrestled with my purposes for writing it, I’ve come to realize that, well, while my writing is an important activity to me, it is time to bring it back to the personal and not share it with the world at large.

I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read even one of the columns I’ve put out there. I appreciate those of you who commented on or shared my writing with others. I appreciate the staff at Alaska Commons for asking me to be on board with their venture. It’s be a growing experience, but now it is time for me to head on down the road.

Ride on.

Phil was born and raised in the Midwest. He moved to Alaska in 2010 and started his bike commuting life then and hasn't looked back yet. He is primarily focused on how bikes can be used to supplant other forms of transportation, when it makes sense to do so, but he is also interested in how to combine different forms of alternative transportation to create a sustainable and enjoyable commute. Besides cycling, Phil works as a business analyst, is a recovering poet, teaches technical writing, and still harbors a dream to write a great novel some day.


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