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Thrift Store Scores! Books, Music, and a Hovercraft?

Photo by Steve Snodgrass, Creative Commons Licensing.

Since the debut of this newest feature on the Alaska Commons, I scored pretty good this week. Two books from Bishop’s Attic in Palmer and a CD from a tiny thrift store in Wasilla just down from the UPS store off the Parks Highway. A new one for me actually. I just wish I could remember the name of it!

But, I am so excited by the find that I just had to talk about it now. It’s Roberta Flack’s debut album First Take from 1969, Atlantic records. This album includes the hit that put the sultry-voiced soul singer on the map: “The First Time I ever Saw Your Face.” The album is rich and I’m playing the entire thing on my radio show “The Downbeat “on KVRF 98.7FM next week. (Semi-shameless plug.)

The books are interesting as well. First up, Doctor Hudson’s Secret Journal, by Lloyd C. Douglas, author of both The Robe and Magnificent Obsession, which was a 1929 prequel to Journal. The novel was eventually developed into a medical drama that aired between 1955 to 1957. A hardback from 1939, published by Collier. It’s in pretty good condition and has an estimated value ranging from $5 to $20.

The second book I was thrilled to find: First Across the Continent: The Story of the Exploring Expedition of Lewis and Clark in 1804-5-6, penned by Noah Brooks 1901. This was a special private limited reprint edition for members of the Frontier Classics Library Book Club published by Palladium Press in 2007. It’s leather bound with golden trimmings and gilt pages. Fully illustrated and a wonderful read so far. I’m still researching it’s worth at this time. I got both for $3.50 a piece. Cool scores!

I’m also very happy to report our first submission to “Thrift Store Score.” Anchorage craft blogger Shala Kerrigan writes:

My favorite thrift store score was a stack of crochet magazines from the 20s to 40s at ASPCA thrift store in Anchorage for 10 cents each. But that’s not actually what I’m writing in about. My daughter is a budget cosplayer. She haunts thrift stores and garage sales for the perfect piece to build a costume around, and uses paper mache to make the props to bring it all together.

When she was planning costumes for herself and her brother for the 3 Barons Fair, she decided on time travelers. She could have gone with the Doctor, but she’s done that before and now there are usually 2 or 3 Doctors wandering around the fair.

She found an orange down vest at Salvation Army in Mt View, then the white Nike shoes at Value Village on Dimond. Total cost 10 dollars, the rest of the costume is things that were in her closet already and the hoverboard that is made from paper mache.

Her brother’s Ash Williams costume is a mix of thrifted belts, a thrifted toy shot gun and clothes he already had.

She’s @TATG_kairi on Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Shala Kerrigan.

Great story Shala!

So do you have a Thrift Store Score? Tell us more! Send in your score story to info@alaskacommons.com. Keep it to about 200 words and don’t forget your name and city. Throw in a picture of your find if you want.(Keep it clean.) We want to hear more from you!