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Beardcicle Chronicles: The Election Circus Has Arrived

Photo by rjp, Creative Commons Licensing.
Photo by rjp, Creative Commons Licensing.

Tuesday is election day. Well, through the time machine that is the internets it is election day. I’m writing this pre-election day. I am so ready for this to all be over. The whole election thing has really got my head messed this time around.

I’m ready for the non-stop coverage to be over and done and for life to move on, but I know that, like any addict, I’ll be jonesing for another fix of salacious detail before the results are even in. The drama that has been the election is like heroin. Mainline it and then drop into a sickly stupor for a few hours.

On Saturday night a video was posted on YouTube about Trump being rushed off stage at his rally in Reno. We know now that there was no gun, that it really wasn’t anything more than a guy protesting Trump with a sign. Yet within an hour of the event occurring Alex Jones had posted a video with the title along the lines of Trump Assassination Attempt. Hell, his own son stated that it was an assassination attempt.

And out of context, without facts three possibilities sprang to my mind – not knowing there was not assassination attempt, no gun.

Possibility one: We have an actual nut job who wants to get famous by killing Trump. Nothing much can be done about that. There are always nut jobs out there. And Trump evokes strong feelings on both sides of the aisle.

Possibility two: This one had already been posited by some of the tinfoil hat wearers within hours. That possibility – Evil Clinton hired someone to attack Trump. To take out the competition. Bonus points if he had turned out to be Muslim or, at least, brown-skinned. Of course, this possibility is absurd. But with the environment that has been created and the way certain factions of Trump’s supporters act, of course there are those who will believe this.

Possibility three: Trump hired an operative himself to stage an assassination attempt so that he, Trump, can look the part of the strong, unflappable leader even in the face of an attempt on his life. This should be viewed as absurd as well, but… is it? Is it really?

Trump is a cowboy candidate – ruggedly individual and truly believing that he is the only one who can fix the nation – and that he can only do it alone. What better way to show how strong and rugged he is than to have an assassination attempt and then get back on stage and finish his rally.

Of course, we all know now that there was no gun, no assassination attempt. Of course, there’s still the contingent who swears it was a plant job by Clinton. Whatever.

It’s ugly out there. Hella ugly. And I don’t really believe that the election completing is going to make the ugliness go away. No, I think the election itself is likely just the beginning. The continued yelling of rigged elections, the threats of intimidations at the polls, the promise of the GOP to move for impeachment if Clinton is elected. No, it is not going to get any better.

What have we, as a country, come to when this is the circus that we have? We have politicians calling their opponents all kinds of names. We have politicians calling the opposition’s supporters all kinds of names. We have “journalists” calling fellow citizens idiots.

I just know that I am sick of it. I want the election to be over and for things to go quiet again. I’m starting to realize, though, that to go quiet again, I may just need earplugs to blot it all out.

Eff-it. Let’s ride.

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